Back in the Pink

Doctors attributed her headaches to an allergy. However, accurate diagnosis in Singapore revealed that little Chan Sophatny from Cambodia had a brain tumour. Her only option – a delicate 12-hour surgery.

The plan was to have a relaxing family vacation before three-and-a-half year old Sophatny started kindergarten in June 2007. But while in Thailand a month earlier, she suddenly lost her appetite and began vomiting. Her interest in Barbie dolls, a favourite of hers, vanished along with her bubbly demeanour. 

Singapore's first such nerve-stimulating procedure carried out by Mt Elizabeth team

Boy hit by brain tumour gets implants to breathe again.

A 12-YEAR-OLD Vietnamese boy struck down by a brain tumour has been given the chance of a normal life, after doctors at Mount Elizabeth Hospital performed Singapore's first electrode nerve-stimulating implant surgery. The 31/2 -hour procedure was performed last Saturday on Van Gia Dat, who had been on a ventilator since a tumour at the base of his brain destroyed his ability to breathe independently. The fast-growing tumour, which was removed here in June, had damaged the medullary control centre in the brain stem, which governs involuntary breathing. Being on the ventilator lull time has also left him vulnerable to recurrent chest infections.

Nepalese twin girls separated in 96-hour operation

After 96 hours in the operating room, 11-month-olds Jamuna and Ganga are two separate babies. The conjoined twins (also known as "Siamese twins") from a mountain town in Nepal were sent to Singapore for surgery. Conjoined twins are always identical and usually must be separated in order for them to survive.

A Singapore doctor gave my baby hope

No doctor wanted to treat her. So for the sake of her unborn child, a Ukrainian mother-to-be flew across the world to Singapore to remove a brain tumour that was threatening her baby’s life and hers as well.

Their three-year relationship had culminated in marriage late last year but 25-year old Natalia and 23-year old Andrey Tsyba were not prepared for what was to follow. In January 2008, from the highs of marital bliss, the couple were suddenly thrown into a deep pit of despair and horror.


November/December 2009

“Your daughter needs immediate brain surgery”.  Nichola & Eric had the same reaction of all parents to the Doctor’s news:  shock, incomprehension and fear.

Coco had been admitted to hospital the day before with sudden symptoms of tiredness and vomiting. Two days earlier she had been like every other 4 year old - attending school, playing normally with her friends, and swimming. There had been no mention of headaches, she hadn’t had a fever and she had been eating and sleeping normally. But mother’s instinct had told Nichola that the tiredness, vomiting and Coco’s pallor were not just something working its way through Coco’s system, and that there was real cause for concern. Coco’s paediatrician, who had known her since birth, agreed and admitted Coco to Gleneagles Hospital in Singapore.

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